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What we believe

Our vision

We believe that the relationship between teacher and learner lies at the foundation of education. We envision a world where learning environments foster community, curiosity, and creativity, where all learners can thrive and are empowered to claim their own education.

Our mission

Nudge Education keeps teachers and students at the center of learning, supporting transformational classrooms with accessible, powerful technology. Our products help learners take pride in and responsibility for their own education, and our perspectives promote the professionalism and individuality of teachers.

Who we are

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Peter Kirwin


Dr Peter Kirwin has taught in the Minneapolis area since 2007, covering STEM classes including physics, chemistry, programming, computer aided design, engineering, and robotics including “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and Other Applications of Computer Modeling” at the Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth. Working in high schools has also allowed him to lead students on justice learning trips to Venezuela and throughout the American South. Nudge Education is Peter’s second education technology project, following TeachersADE. Peter completed a BA in physics at the University of Minnesota, Morris, an MA in education at St Mary’s University of Minnesota, and a PhD in education policy with an emphasis in economic evaluation at the University of Minnesota. He lives with his wife in Minneapolis.


Ellie Roscher

Director of Communications

Ellie Roscher teaches at the Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth and Bethlehem Lutheran Church and previously taught at Cretin-Derham Hall. Author of How Coffee Saved My Life and contributor to several blogs, magazines and compilation books, she is also an editor for Avenida Books. As seen on the TEDxSLC stage, Roscher's latest book project is about how Kibera Girls Soccer Academy is educating girls in extreme poverty. Ellie's work as an educator, writer and speaker has brought her to places like Kenya, El Salvador and Uruguay, but she currently lives in Minneapolis with her spouse and son. She has a MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence and a MA in Theology from Luther Seminary. Find her at @ellieroscher and

What we do

Our services

We offer training about technology in education, and other services to schools and districts, including...

  • Education technology training People can use their tools most effectively when they understand them thoroughly. Our training helps teachers understand their goals and how technology can help achieve them.
  • Policy implementation How a policy is introduced to a culture can determine how successful it will be. If you've put significant thought into the change you want to make, let us help you ensure that it becomes a reality.
  • Education policy evaluation We can help you ask the right questions, gather, analyze, and interpret your data, understand your context, and make better decisions.
  • Organizational decision support If you have identified a problem but not decided on a solution, we can find relevant information sources and provide meaningful analysis to help you arrive at a decision.
  • Custom technology development Can you envision a tool that does not exist? We can build technology to suit your needs.

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Read about What Technology Is: Technology is a tool, and like all tools technology needs a skilled person to use it. Understanding the nature of our tools will help us use them most effectively.

Read about Technology in the Flipped Classroom: What is a flipped classroom? What role does technology play in a flipped classroom? And most importantly, what is left for the teacher to do?

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We focus on technology that allows people to transform education...

Learn About Whudent

Quickly assemble students into groups for productive cooperative learning.

Learn About Wevaluate

Easily share presentation and project feedback with students, and allow students to offer feedback to each other.

Our amplification software

...but we also make software that helps existing processes go better.

Learn About Deminote

Deminote helps teachers manage and analyze exit slips. Deminote will keep all of your exit slips in one well-organized place, tabulate numeric feedback in easy-to-read graphs, and organize written comments by themes.

Learn About Ezam

Ezam allows teachers to easily create properly randomized, well-formatted exams.

Learn About Questburn

Questburn keeps track of your recurring tasks (like studying, practicing your instrument, weekly assignments, etc) and helps you decide how to spend your time when you want to be productive.

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Software Demonstrations Check out all of our software. Whether you're looking to make a dramatic change, run your classroom more efficiently, or save yourself some time, we have tools that can help.

Transformative Technology What is transformative technology? How do you know it when you see it? How do you use it? Should you use it? Answers to all this and more.

Gamification What is gamification? Why is it so engaging? How can you gamify while maintaining rigor? Is gamification right for you? Answers to all this and more.